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Get to know Ana Lúcia Lage

Ana Lúcia Lage is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


analucialage 1Electrical Engineer (UFBA), Specialist in Telecommunications (Paris VII). She holds a master degree in Computer Networks (UNIFACS) and a PhD in Knowledge Dissemination (UFBA). She is an Associate Professor at the Humanities, Arts and Sciences Milton Santos Institute (IHAC- UFBA), and also a Professor of the Multi-institutional and Multidisciplinary Program in Knowledge Dissemination Graduate (PPGMMDC / UFBA). She has an extensive experience in professional activities in telecommunications, computer networks and production innovation in TIC, and she is the co-author of three patents.

As a researcher, her current topics of interest involves cognitive analysis, building strategies investigation of knowledge by individuals who articulate networks in scientific and technological, academic or professional communities, in local contexts and virtual spaces where they share repertoires and joint business, making these intersection and exchange places, Learning Multirreferenciais spaces. Noteworthy is her interest in Studies in Science, Technology, Society and Environment, the intertwining of scientific and technological developments and practices, their socio-technical networks, cultural implications and environmental impacts.