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Get to know Ana Lúcia Lage

Ana Lúcia Lage is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


analucialage 1Electrical Engineer (UFBA), Specialist in Telecommunications (Paris VII). She holds a master degree in Computer Networks (UNIFACS) and a PhD in Knowledge Dissemination (UFBA). She is an Associate Professor at the Humanities, Arts and Sciences Milton Santos Institute (IHAC- UFBA), and also a Professor of the Multi-institutional and Multidisciplinary Program in Knowledge Dissemination Graduate (PPGMMDC / UFBA). She has an extensive experience in professional activities in telecommunications, computer networks and production innovation in TIC, and she is the co-author of three patents.

As a researcher, her current topics of interest involves cognitive analysis, building strategies investigation of knowledge by individuals who articulate networks in scientific and technological, academic or professional communities, in local contexts and virtual spaces where they share repertoires and joint business, making these intersection and exchange places, Learning Multirreferenciais spaces. Noteworthy is her interest in Studies in Science, Technology, Society and Environment, the intertwining of scientific and technological developments and practices, their socio-technical networks, cultural implications and environmental impacts.

Get to know Yara Guasque

Yara Guasque is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


IMG_20160303_154358082Yara Guasque, independent artist and researcher. Editorial Board member of Journal for Artistic Research, JAR, and of Revista Palindrome PPGAV/UDESC.  Retired associate professor at the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts of UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina), Brazil. PhD (Communication and Semiotics Program of PUCSP); Pos-Doctoral at Aesthetics and Communication Department of Aarhus University 2012/2013; visiting researcher in 2001/02 at Media Interface and Network Design, M.I.N.D. Lab, Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media Department of Michigan State University; Member of ABCiber, Brazilian Association of Cyberculture Researchers; author of Telepresença: interação e interfaces (2005. Telepresence: interaction and interfaces). São Paulo: EDUC/Fapesp.
Yara Guasque (Org.). Digital Art: Fractures, Proliferative Preservation and Affective Dimension. Artes Digitais: Fraturas, preservação proliferativa e dimensão afetiva. Florianópolis: Editora da UDESC, 2014.

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Get to know Djalma Thürler

Djalma Thürler is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about him in this brief biography.


Seminário-de-Educ-Estética-34Djalma Thürler is Madre de Deus (BA) Regional Secretary of Culture and Tourism, Associate Professor of the Humanities, Arts and Sciences Institute (IACH) and also Professor of the of the Graduate Multidisciplinary Program in Culture and Society at Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). He holds a Postdoc in Literature and Literary Criticism (Pontifícia Universidade of São Paulo) and he is coordinator of the CuS – Culture and Sexuality Research Group.
He is Artistic Director of Ateliê Voador Company and interdisciplinary artist. He has directed more than 20 spectacles, among them: “Três cigarros & a última lasanha” (2015), ” Qu4tro carreirinhas” (2015), “Coral: uma Etno(cena)grafia” (2014), “Solo Almodóvar” (2013), “O Diário de Genet” (2013) and “Salmo 91” (2012-2013).

Get to know Julien Bellanger

Julien Bellanger is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about him in this brief biography.


bellanger-julien_PiNGProject developer in artistic, cultural, scientific and technical domains, Julien Bellanger is co-founded PING’association that explores the practices of the digital era, and encourages the re-appropriation of technology since 2004. Through digital and social innovation, PiNG facilitates cross-pollination across traditional audience boundaries by promoting the values of free culture.
He is involved in different activities ( workshops, residencies, meeting, camp, … ) whose cross pedagogical approach, artistic meaning looking at issues of the impact of digital technologies on social innovation.

In 2015, as part of the creation of an open Art / Science / Technology / Society laboratory, PiNG invited researchers, artists, creators and explorers to question and decode the geological concept of the Anthropocene, the era in which human activity has begun to have significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems. How can artistic practice inform this change of era? How can artworks and creative processes render this transition visible and palpable?

In 2016, PiNG continues this exploratory dynamic and invites artists and researchers to work on the symbiotic relationships between humans, plants, and animals, not only in the slender layer of atmosphere which surrounds our planet, but also in its oceans too. And so O.CAMP counter ticks up to 1.CAMP.

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Get to know Gisela Domschke

Gisela Domschke is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


GISELAShe co-founded and is the artistic manager of Labmovel (Prix Ars Electronica 2013). She was a lecturer in the MA Interactive Media program at Goldsmiths, University of London. Since she came back to Brazil, she has teaching courses in the areas of experience design and digital media. In 2008 founded and managed the media lab of the Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo, where was responsible for exhibitions, workshops, artistic residencies, festivals, and partnerships with international institutions. She has curated a several  projects in collaboration with international institutions, including the Red Bull Basement (Red Bull Station, São Paulo, 2015), the 4th 3M Mostra de Arte Digital (Instituto Tomie Otahke, São Paulo, 2013), the ZERO1 Biennial Art and Technology (San Jose, CA, 2012) and Paralelo, Arte Tecnologia e Meio-Ambiente (CCSP, São Paulo, 2009).

Get to know Luciana Fleischman

Luciana Fleischman is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


fotoperfilLuciana Fleischman holds a B.A. in Social Communication from Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina) and a Master in Communication, Image and Information from UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brasil).
She researches and produces experimental activities in art and free technology, such as Tropixel Festival- Art, Science, Technology and Society (Ubatuba, Brazil); Aprender Brincando project, which develops networked learning Labs in public schools of Rio de Janeiro, and Network Rede//Labs, where research on experimental digital culture in Brazil and Latin America. She lives now in Medellin (Colombia), where coordinates the residency program of Platohedro Community Laboratory.

Get to know Carlos Lentini

Carlos Lentini is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


bachelor’s at Oceanologia from Fundação Universidade do Rio Grande (1992), master’s at Physical Oceanografy from Universidade de São Paulo (1997) and doctorate at Physical Oceanography And Meteorology from University of Miami (2002). Has experience in Oceanografy, focusing on Physical Oceanografy, acting on the following subjects: avhrr, confluencia brazil-malvinas, climate variability, sst anomalies and temperatura superficie do mar (tsm).

Get to know Emerson Andrade Sales

Emerson Andrade Sales is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


Emerson_salesgraduate at Chemical Engineering from Universidade Federal da Bahia (1981), master’s at Chemistry from Universidade Federal da Bahia (1990) and ph.d. at Doctorat Ex Sciences from Universite de Paris VII – Universite Denis Diderot (1996). Has experience in Environmental Engineering, focusing on Bioenergy and catalysis, acting on the following subjects: energy potential of microalgae, biorefinery, cleaner production.



Get to know Ricardo Dal Farra

Ricardo Dal Farra is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


Dal Farra_photo by David WardDr. Ricardo Dal Farra is Associate Professor at the Music Department of Concordia University, Canada and Director of the Electronic Arts Experimentation and Research Centre of the National University of Tres de Febrero, Argentina. As an electroacoustic composer and new media artist his work has been presented in more than 40 countries and recordings of his music are published in over 23 international editions (including CDs by Computer Music Journal and Leonardo Music Journal on MIT Press).

He has been researcher and consultant on music & technology history for UNESCO, France; director of the Hexagram Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies, Canada; coordinator of the international research alliance DOCAM – Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage; senior consultant of the Amauta – Andean Media Arts Centre in Cusco, Peru; associated researcher of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, UK; and director of the Multimedia Communication national program at the Federal Ministry of Education, Argentina.

Funded by The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology of Montreal, he created the largest collection publicly available of Latin American Electroacoustic Music.

In 2015 Dr. Dal Farra has been leading three major conferences/festivals around the world: Balance-Unbalance in Arizona (on how the sound and media arts could play an active role in helping to solve our environmental crisis), Understanding Visual Music in Brasilia and Transitio in Mexico City. Jointly with the humanitarian organization Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre he developed the ‘art! x climate’ sound-art worldwide initiative.

 Concordia University


 Understanding Visual Music 2015

Transitio 2015


art! ⋈ climate

Balance-Unbalance 2016

Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Get to know Ines Linke

Ines Linke is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


ineslinkeAgricultural Engineer from Federal University of Lavras (1992). Public Administrator from João Pinheiro Foundation (1997). Holds a master in Civil Engineering (Environmental Planning, 2003) and a Phd in Demography (2007) from University of Campinas. Currently is Associate Professor of Bachelor of Territorial Planning and of the Postgraduate Program in Planning and Management of the Territory at Federal University of ABC. His work focuses on the areas of Planning, Environment and Population, with emphasis on interface population-environment, the main research interests include issues related to the complex population-environment-consumption and the human dimensions of global environmental change, as well as public participation in decision-making processes.