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Tropixel-Água Blog is a space for Researchers, Artists and Technicians that will participate of the event to express themselves. The production team will post teasers related to Water, and so we hope to unwind, and at the same time to tie up, ideas, feelings and knowledge. This space is an invitation for the Collaboration Culture, to build a Community of Purpose and Beauty. The texts don’t need to be scientific, thus the goal is to promote them and to include diverse publics.  As the title of this first post brings up, we want to learn with water: its cycles, its vital essentiality, its fertility, its strength, its beauty… Amongst stones in groundwater, falling down hills in waterfalls or evaporating in rainbows towards the sky.

First teaser:

Environmental imbalance and natural disasters: is water a natural resource, a human right or a world heritage?


 by Paulo Pietrobon, IHAC/UFBA