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Disruptive Solidarity

It’s no use being aware that our heritage from Industrial Era is all wrong; or that this cultural, social and economic pattern might take us to a civilizatory collapse. It’s no use being aware that Contemporaneity opened excelent opportunities to rebuild this cosmovision, toward a more holistic, horizontal and solidary one. In other words, it will be only through organicity of relationships, feelings and attitudes that the colors of horizon ahead will be changed. Tropixel-Água is an open door for integrationist radical actions; transdisciplinary and umbilicaly connected to territories and its community bases; via algorithms and applied circuits towards sustainability; via rithms and harmony to cure our souls; via paints and colors over dancing bodies, to be Love.

Tropixel-Água production begins its path this way, with open arms and hearts to participation, collaboration and to the development of organic networks. An international event with scientific activities, with artistic and technologic occupation activities into urban spaces, is a huge challenge. Summing up, if you got here at this text, don’t stop: tell us ways you could collaborate with Tropixel-Água. How could you and your productive networks connect at this flow? Can we create together? Shall we overcome challenges and solve problems together?


10510818873_90c2f57d24_oFoto: Luciana Fleischman