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Get to know Leonardo Freire de Mello

Leonardo Freire de Mello é parte do comitê do Tropixel-Água. Conheça mais sobre ela conferindo uma breve biografia.


s200_leonardo.freire_de_melloAgricultural Engineer and Public Administrator Undergraduate Degree by Federal University of Lavras (1992) and João Pinheiro Foundation (1997), respectively. Master in Civil Engineering (Environmental Planning, 2003) and PhD in Demography (2007) by the the University of Campinas. He is now Associate Professor of the Bachelor of Territorial Planning Undergraduate Course and of the Graduate Program in Planning and Management of the Territory, both at the Federal University of ABC. His work focuses mostly on the areas of Planning, Environment and Population, with emphasis on population-environment interface. His main research interests include issues related to the triad population-environment-consumption and the human dimension of environmental changes on the world, as well as the participation of the people in decision-making processes.


Get to know Rachel Jacobs

Rachel Jacobs is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


meinstudioRachel Jacobs is a researcher, project manager, consultant and professional artist. She co-founded the artist led organisation Active Ingredient in 1996 and the commercial games company Mudlark Production Company in 2007. She completed a Doctorate in Computer Science in 2013 and currently works part time as a researcher at the Horizon Digital Economy Institute, University of Nottingham and part time as a practicing artist.

Recent artworks include ‘A Conversation Between Trees’, using environmental sensors to connect forests in the UK and Brazil; ‘Timestreams’ a series of artists residencies and schools exchanges exploring the theme of energy and climate change in Nottingham (UK) and Rio State (Brazil); and ‘The Prediction Machine’, an interactive installation that predicts the future impacted by climate change.

Her current research explores how by ‘performing data’ we can combine artistic and scientific processes to engage the public with complex scientific issues. This recent work was presented at Tropixel Ciencia Aberta in 2015. Rachel’s work has been published in academic journals, books and presented at conferences, arts venues and international festivals.

Get to know Raquel Rennó

Raquel Rennó is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.

Associate professor at UFRB (Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia) and the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Member of the collaborative council of Coding Rights. Holds a Master and a PhD in Communication and Semiotics (Pontifícia Universidade de São Paulo). Member of the Bioart Society (Finland), Artnodes Journal editorial board (Catalonia) and ICIE (Internacional Center for Info Ethics – Germany). Leader of the research group on Práticas Artísticas, Espacialidade e Ciências da Vida (PAEC/CNPq) and researcher of the group Comunicação e Cultura – Barroco e Mestiçagem (PUC/SP). Part of the Outras Tribos NGO, that organizes and manages educational projects in the digital divide and cultural preservation area with local activists and teachers in the Aldeia Velha community (state of Bahia) of Pataxó ethnicity.

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Get to know Sophie-Carolin Wagner

Sophie-Carolin Wagner is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.
DSC05085.2.2Sophie-Carolin Wagner investigates elaborately, works passionately, quotes vigorously, writes peripatetically, communicates epistemologically, but not necessarily insightfully, holds as many degrees as names and never signed up to Facebook. She lives and works in Vienna, currently as researcher at the at Artistic Technology Research Lab, Co-Editor of the Journal for Research Cultures and board member of the Research Institute for Arts and Technology.

Get to know Claudia Jacques

Claudia Jacques is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


cj_stream_smallA Brazilian-American interdisciplinary artist, designer, educator and researcher, Claudia Jacques holds an MFA in Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, NY, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Planetary Collegium, CAiiA Hub, University of Plymouth, UK. Under the Guidance of Professors Roy Ascott and Søren Brier, she is researching space-time aesthetics in the user-information-interface relationship through the lens of Cybersemiotics. Intersecting art, technology and science, she designs interactive hybrid art and information environments that aim to explore perceptions of space-time and the digital-physical in the pursuit of human consciousness. She collaborates with many artists exhibiting and presenting both in the U.S. and abroad. She has published in Leonardo, Technetic Arts, TEK s, Art & Engine, etc., and serves as Art Editor for Cybernetics and Human Knowing journal. Since 2011 she collaborates with Victoria Vesna on bringing human and water resources together across institutional, geographic, cultural, artistic, technological, and scientific boundaries. Jacques is also a participant with three other scholars in a 2014-16 NEH Collaborative Research Project based at Roosevelt University in Chicago. She teaches studio, digital and communication arts, and her studio is in Valhalla, NY.

Get to know Bronaċ Ferran

Bronaċ Ferran is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


Bronac FerranBronaċ Ferran is a writer and curator living in London who has had a long-term professional involvement in areas of intersection between art, media and ecological domains.  When Director of Interdisciplinary Arts at Arts Council England (2000-2007) she led the Council’s Art and Ecology initiative in collaboration with the Royal Society of Arts in London which created collaborations between Chinese and UK based artists and academics around the impact of industrial development on rural areas in China, viewed  from a cultural and environmental perspective. When working as Senior Tutor, Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art Bronaċ co-organised a major international workshop in Sao Paulo in 2009 exploring the intersection between Art, Technology and Environment in three countries and she co-edited  the related publication.  She is an advisor to The Human Project, an initiative for human development in north east Brazil. She is  now working on a book with Hansjörg Mayer, who owns a permaculture farm in Southern Spain. More at

Get to know Nelson Pretto

Nelson Pretto is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.  | @nelsonpretto

np_foto_izabella_valverde_out2015Professor (and activist) at the School of Education ( at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)/ Brazil. PhD in Communication from the University of Sao Paolo (1994), BSc in Physics (1977) and Master’s in Education (1985), both from UFBA.
Scholarship of CNPq (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development)
Former Bahia Regional Secretary and actual counselor of “Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência” (Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science- SBPC, 2011/2015). Member of the Bahia Academy of Science. Member of the Bahia State Council of Culture in 2007-2011.
Editor entreideias magazine’s: education, culture and society ( He was member of the directorship of the Teachers’ Union in the State of Bahia – SINPRO (1976/1977).
Was coordinator of Studies and Analyses of the National Institute of Research in Education (INEP – 1986/1987), of the Brazilian Ministry of Education, Superintendent of Special Projects at the National Network of Education Television (FUNTEVÊ, 1987/1989), special adviser to the Rector of UFBA (1994/1996), when was coordinator of the setting up of internet in UFBA and Bahia State, as coordinator of “Comitê Gestor da Rede Bahia”. Coordinated with Leonardo Lazarte (UNB), the Working Group about Education in the Brazilian project Information Society (MCT).

Book Tropixel 2013


Tropixel – Arte, ciência, tecnologia e sociedade
Ed.: Karla Brunet e Raquel Rennó

This book is the result of a series of discussions, practices and reflections in Tropixel Festival, which brought together artists , scientists, activists and researchers from different cities in Brazil and around the world. This book includes topics such as science, culture, society and their intersections.

Additional info on this book
ISBN: 978-85-232-1384-8
Publisher: EDUFBA
Field: Multidisciplinary
Year: 2015
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Number of pages: 229

Link for download: