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Yara Guasque is part of Tropixel-Água Committee. Learn more about her in this brief biography.


IMG_20160303_154358082Yara Guasque, independent artist and researcher. Editorial Board member of Journal for Artistic Research, JAR, and of Revista Palindrome PPGAV/UDESC.  Retired associate professor at the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts of UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina), Brazil. PhD (Communication and Semiotics Program of PUCSP); Pos-Doctoral at Aesthetics and Communication Department of Aarhus University 2012/2013; visiting researcher in 2001/02 at Media Interface and Network Design, M.I.N.D. Lab, Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media Department of Michigan State University; Member of ABCiber, Brazilian Association of Cyberculture Researchers; author of Telepresença: interação e interfaces (2005. Telepresence: interaction and interfaces). São Paulo: EDUC/Fapesp.
Yara Guasque (Org.). Digital Art: Fractures, Proliferative Preservation and Affective Dimension. Artes Digitais: Fraturas, preservação proliferativa e dimensão afetiva. Florianópolis: Editora da UDESC, 2014.

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