Tropixel History

The Finnish Pixelache Festival is an experimentation platform for art, activism and research over the theme of environmentalism. Since 2010, a team of researchers and activists in Brazil has been developing collaboration and exchange with the Finnish Festival (project presentations, participation in selection boards). Thus, after 2013, a partnership was approved between the Brazilian group and Pixalache for the development of Tropixel Festival first edition, being connected as Pixelache Brazilian knot, aligned with other existing knots, such as the Norwegian  Piksel, Colombian Pixelazo, French and Canadian Mal Au Pixel and Senegalese  Afropixel . So, Tropixel Festival  first edition took place at Juiz de Fora and Ubatuba cities, supported by Juiz de Fora Federal University (UFJF) Culture Dean, as well as CAPES (Higher Education Human Resources Development Commission) and FAPEMIG (Research Support Foundation at the State of Minas Gerais). At that year, the event was attended by 750 people – more than the 500 expected initially – and was fully covered by local media. Its second edition, in 2014, was held in Ubatuba city, supported by Brazilian Culture Ministry. In 2015, there were two thematic editions: Tropixel Open Sciences and Tropixel Labs – which gathered in Ubatuba, artists, activists, educators and scientists.

tropixel2Photos by Luciana Fleischman